Company of Heroes 3 Release Date Casino Slot Online Revealed

Nearly a year after Relic Entertainment and Sega announced Company of Heroes 3, the next entry in the beloved World War II real-time strategy casino slot online bonus138 series finally has a release date. Today, Relic Entertainment revealed that CoH3 is set to release on November 17, 2022.

According to a press release, the casino slot online game will have four playable factions and two separate campaigns at launch: the more open-ended Italian Dynamic Campaign and the focused, narrative-based North African Operation.

These casino slot online campaigns will also introduce players to new mechanics, including “side armor, enemy vehicle recovery and vehicle-towing, which lets you reposition your hard-hitting artillery like the German Flak 36 and British 17-Pounder.”

While the casino slot online game won’t be out until November, Relic Entertainment is now promoting its community feedback program, which gives players the opportunity to test part of the North African Operation campaign, titled Mission Alpha. The mission, which is also free on Steam starting today until July 19, follows the “Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) as they attempt to repel the British from their entrenched positions.”

Last year, IGN previewed a pre-alpha version of the casino slot online game. More recently, IGN was able to take part in a hands-on preview of Company of Heroes 3’s North African Operation, and there were quite a few impressive differences between the game’s varied settings.

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