Exoprimal Gets a Casino Slot Online Gameplay Trailer, Closed Network Test Coming Ahead of Release

Capcom has revealed a new casino slot online bonus138 gameplay trailer for co-op dinosaur-murder action game Exoprimal, and it’s looking stranger than ever. We’ll get to experience how strange in a closed network test ahead of its 2023 launch.

In a trailer shown at Capcom’s 2022 summer showcase, we get hints at the casino slot game’s story, gameplay, and see many of the dinosaurs themselves. Suffice it to say, the upcoming PvPvE game is looking action-packed, and more than a little odd. The trailer also showed off a little more of the game’s PvP elements, showing how players will not just be taking on hordes of dinosaurs, but whole other teams of heavily armed and armored players.

During the course of the casino online slot trailer, we see raptors, triceratops, ankylosaur and T-Rex AI enemies – shots of raptors falling like rain from the sky continue to look truly bonkers. We also glimpse less natural forms of threat, with at least two forms of dinosaur firing projectiles from sacs on their backs. We also see a glimpse of a massive enemy type that looks even less true-to-prehistory, but it’s not clear what that will be just yet.

The gameplay also seems to show different activity types, from the self-explanatory Dinosaur Cull, to VTOL Defense, Data Key Security, Energy Taker, and Omega Charge (the latter of which appears to have casino slot online players wielding a giant hammer). We hear a little more of the story too, showing how the AI Leviathan appears to be putting Exosuit pilots through deadly training on a Bikitoa Island – with the story characters looking to destroy the AI in return.

The casino slot trailer ends with a simple message promising that a Closed Network Test is on the way, but offers no dates or means of sign-up just yet.

Exoprimal is scheduled to arrive in 2023 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. It was announced in March, and suffered some backlash from Capcom fans who really hoped the next dinosaur battling game from the developer would be a new Dino Crisis.

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