Gigantic Survival Casino slot online Game Valheim Is Coming to Xbox

Valheim, the enormous survival bonus138 casino slot online game from Iron Gate, is coming to Xbox next year.

Announced during Xbox Showcase Extended, Valheim will arrive on PC casino slot Game Pass this Fall, and will finally head to consoles via Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in Spring 2023. The Steam, Microsoft Store and Xbox versions of Valheim will all come with full crossplay.

Valheim launched into Early Access last year, and immediately became a huge surprise hit. The unyielding survival slot casino online game, set in a Viking afterlife world, recently passed 10 million sales. Iron Gate has enlisted Piktiv and Fishlabs to work on the Microsoft Store and Xbox ports, without impacting Valheim’s ongoing early access development.

“We’re beyond delighted to see the world of Valheim and our amazing community open up to even more people, and let our PC Vikings team up with their console shield brothers and sisters in the near future.” said Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Törnqvist in a press release. “None of this would be possible without the incredible teams at Piktiv and Fishlabs who are continuing to work tirelessly on the Microsoft Store and Xbox ports, enabling us to focus on the Mistlands update and our exciting journey through Early Access.”

We awarded the Early Access version a 9/10 review, saying it is “already a paragon of the survival crafting casino slot genre, with excellent art and music highlighting a world that generates endless exciting stories from only a few simple ingredients.”


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