Intellivision Amico Casino Slot Online Console Still in Development, CEO Says

It was reported yesterday that the trademark for the Intellivision Amico had been abandoned, spurring speculation that development on the console has ceased. Now, the Casino Slot Online bonus138 company’s CEO says work on the system is ongoing and that the trademark is very much alive.

In an email sent to IGN from Casino Slot Online Intellivision CEO Phil Adam, the company says that it is “still working on the console” and that the United States Patent and Trademark Office “is usually pretty slow in updating.”

Adam provided IGN a screenshot of the Casino Slot Online Intellivision Amico trademark listed as “live” as of this morning, which IGN confirmed. The filing date for the trademark is listed as June 30, 2022.

Credit USPTO

The Casino Slot Online Intellivision Amico is a successor to the Intellivision home console from the 1980s. The new system will utilize a remote control style interface with a touchscreen and charging dock. The plan is for the system to feature a library of new, family-friendly games, some of which are developed by teams who created games for the original Intellivision.

However, the console has faced numerous delays since it was announced in 2018, and Casino Slot Online original CEO Tommy Tallarico stepped down earlier this year with former chief revenue officer Phil Adam taking over the position.

But for now, at least according to the Casino Slot Online company, the Intellivision Amico is still in the works.


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