Leaked Artwork Suggests Upcoming Modern Casino Slot Warfare 2 Is Coming To Steam

For the longest time, the Call of Duty series has been stuck with Activision’s proprietary launcher, Battle.net, for the PC Casino Slot audience. However, a recent leak might indicate the series’ return to the popular digital storefront, Steam.

A piece of artwork on the Call of Duty series’ Steam page was seen at the bottom of the page, featuring none other than the prominent operator of Task Force 141, Ghost. This image is specifically the key of winning playing casino art from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 remake.

While Activision has not mentioned any return of the awaited title to Steam casino player, the presence of this artwork on Valve’s platform suggests that Activision is ready to release the game on this platform later this year.bonus 138 rtp hari ini

Activision has confirmed that the game Slot will be released on October 28. Aside from the release date, Activision has not revealed much about the highly anticipated title.

If Activision decides to release some new casino game Modern Warfare 2 on Steam, it will mark the series’ first return to Steam since 2017’s Call of Duty WWII. It will also probably boost the sales of the latest title by a considerable amount due to Steam’s intuitive and simple storefront.

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