More Diablo Immortal Casino Slot Online Streamers Call It Quits

Diablo Immortal faced major backlash in the early days of the mobile casino slot online bonus138 title’s release. The issues mainly stem from the allegedly aggressive business model involving the microtransactions offered in-game. The game was also review-bombed, which led to it becoming the worst-rated game on Metacritic.

Major casino slot online streamers and community members are starting to jump ship after spending a large sum of money on the game. ARPG streamer Wudijo, for example, said that he’s done with the game and plans to stop streaming it.

Community casino slot online website Maxroll has also announced that they will be shutting down their Diablo Immortal branch soon.

“Right now, we are still the reigning immortals on the Dark Wanderer casino slot online server, but once that one is over, I guess this is gonna be the time for me to pull the plug entirely,” said Wudijo in a recent YouTube video.

This decision follows the casino slot online withdrawal of several well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers linked with Diablo and other Blizzard titles, such as Quin69, Bellular Gaming, and Asmongold.

“I wanted to review this casino slot online game – I can’t. If I never have to talk about [Diablo Immortal] again, it will be a good thing,” said Bellular in one of his videos.

Asmongold also said the casino slot online game brought in stale ideas, besides claiming that it was focused on making money.

“It’s brought in hardly any new casino slot online ideas, except for the ideas that come from the monetisation department,” said Asmongold.

Community website Maxroll has also called it quits. The website pointed out in a blog post that the casino slot online game has glaring issues such as a “predatory pay-to-win system” that plays on gambling impulses as well as “unrewarding gameplay”.

It also said general casino slot online community disappointment has necessitated the dissolution of its Diablo Immortal branch.

While the casino slot online game seems to be slowly recovering from its initial issues, seeing major influencers stepping out of the arena does not bode well for the future of the title.

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