‘MultiVersus’ studio “open” to adding characters from other fighting casino slot online games

MultiVersus developer Player First casino slot online bonus138 Games has said it would be up for adding in characters from other fighting games if the community wanted it as well.

Player First slot online casino Games co-founder Chris White told NME the studio is “open to a lot of things,” as long as it feels “right for the community”. This could mean that similar fighting casino slot player games like Super Smash Bros. and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl could see their characters land in MultiVersus if everyone involved wanted to do it.

“I think that leaves, from our perspective, the door open to a lot of things about casino slot online,” added White. “Of course, you know, in order to do something, you’d have to have a partner that was willing to collaborate in a certain way.”

MultiVersus roster

White then added that the MultiVersus team is “primarily focused on our own product,” meaning any potential crossovers could be a while away. “We’re not in any kind of talks there or planning anything there to playing casino slot online game. But we’re also not opposed to it in any way.”

“In our mind, it’s always about what’s right for the casino slot player. And you know, if that means collaboration, then that means collaboration. If not, then… yeah, then not.”

White sat down for an in-depth interview with NME, touching on MultiVersus additions like a campaign mode, local co-op and how the team balanced the tone across multiple Warner Bros. slot online properties.

Adding a human fighter like Arya Stark to a roster of cartoon casino slot characters was described by White as “one of the hardest stylistic challenges that we’ve had to solve.”

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