Nightingale Gets a Longer Gameplay Look at Summer Casino slot online Game Fest

At Summer Casino slot online bonus138 Game Fest today, we finally got a longer, more detailed look at Aaryn Flynn and Inflexion’s upcoming survival game, Nightingale, including a detailed look at how players travel between different fae realms: by using realm cards.

The trailer emphasizes the importance of the casino slot online survival elements of Nightingale, focusing first on keeping warm, dry, and fed. Once that’s accomplished, players can start to look for a way to move to new realms by crafting items called realm cards using rare resources they might encounter in the world they’re currently exploring.

The cards crafted and used can dictate certain properties of the realm they’ll open the door to, allowing slot online casino players some control over where they end up. These properties include environment type, weather patterns, resources, challenges, and more, and will procedurally generate a new realm based on those aspects.

We also got a brief look at other features such as crafting and combat, and a new enemy called the Automatons.

We’ve had a lot of questions about Nightingale since it was announced, and we’ve gotten a lot of answers from Flynn about its seemingly endless fae realms and its roots in BioWare storytelling. Nightingale is headed to PC via casino slot online early access release sometime this year.


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