Playing from home: the advantages of online casinos

Online casinos were born, a little for fun, in the 90s: the idea is to take advantage of the advantages of the Internet by applying them to a new sector, that of gaming. Although skepticism was initially the dominant reaction, especially in relation to the issue of the security of players and their accounts, in a short time all this became a vague memory. The creators of virtual Halo69 casinos had seen it right: from then on an industry would be born that invoices millions of dollars or euros every year.

The period we have lived, characterized by the Covid pandemic, has certainly affected our daily habits by radically changing them. The fact that we have less opportunity to spend time away from home with our friends by dedicating ourselves to a series of leisure activities, or even just the fact of working in smart working, has given us the opportunity to learn how to better manage our time indoors. And not all is necessarily bad: many experts are of the opinion that some habits adopted during Covid will remain even afterwards, at least in part. Among these, there is that of playing online, which also in this case has shown all its convenience.

Why play online?

Land-based casinos and online casinos have in common, of course, the fact that they revolve around the green table and slot machines, but in an extremely different way. Diversity stems not so much from the player’s access mode, but from the opportunities (and risks) that come with both. Eg: Online casinos are safe: we still don’t know how long this pandemic will last, but surely the fear and habit of avoiding crowded places and places where there is too close contact with people will last for quite a while. Prevention is better than cure, as they say!

Online casinos guarantee you something that is truly worth gold today: privacy. There’s nothing wrong with playing the green table, and it’s perfectly legal and licensed, but why let others know how we spend our time? With online gambling, no one but you will know if and how much time you spend in the casino;

You win more in online casinos than in land-based casinos, for a very simple reason: real casinos have a lot of fixed costs that weigh on their budget, just think of the same physical structure, staff, security, etc. In the game portals all this is reset, in favor of the player’s winnings.

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