Pokemon Trading Card Game Player Competed With a Jumbo Deck in the North American International Championship

A Pokemon Trading Card Game player by the name of Matthew Verive has competed in the North American International casino slot online bonus138 Championship with a deck made of only novelty jumbo cards because the rules never said he couldn’t.

As spotted by IGN’s Joshua Yehl, Verive’s 60-card novelty jumbo card deck was brought to the judges of the casino slot online tournament and they “debated and ruled it was legal because card size is not specified in the rules.”

His deck includes such Pokemon as Lance’s Charizard, four Pikachus, six Snorlax, eight Eternatus, four Dubwool, a few Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey, and more. As Joshua notes, the “funniest part of this already hilarious stunt is Pokémon never printed any jumbo casino slot online Trainer or Energy cards so all he could do was play the Pokémon but not attack.”

As for how he fared in the casino slot online tournament, Verive said that he “lost game 1, my opponent scooped game 2 (just to force a game 3, for funsies), and then got deck checked.” He then officially lost game three and then dropped, just as he “has intended to no matter what.”

For those that want to follow Verive in building a jumbo deck for casino slot online tournament play, he warned that no one should follow him in this journey as he expects the “rules will be modified soon to clarify the size of usable cards.”

While Verive wasn’t able to win the casino slot online tournament, Nathan O. won the Juniors Division, Rune Heiremans won the Senior Division, and Azul Garcia Griego won the Master Divison.

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