The Quarry casino slot online game Multiplayer Was Delayed Because the Server Had To Be Moved Out Of Ukraine

The Quarry — the next choice-based horror title from Supermassive Games — launched last week, but it’s also another bonus138 casino slot online game impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Speaking to IGN, The Quarry creative director Will Byles said the online multiplayer component was pushed back from launch because of the war.

“We had a bit of a weird thing with the casino online game multiplayer because… part of our team is based out in the Ukraine,” Byles says. “So we had to delay the multiplayer because they had to move.”

Last month, Supermassive Games announced the delay of the casino slot game multiplayer, but no reason was given for the pushback. At the time, the studio said online multiplayer would be added by July 8 at the latest, which Byles said is still on track. In fact, the mode is completely finished, but the studio had to move the server from Kyiv, Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland for safety reasons.

“So we had to move the server from Kyiv up into Warsaw and those guys had to get out there cause it was obviously really dangerous,” Byles says. “It’s literally going to be a couple of weeks. It is actually done. It has to go through testing now.”

When it launches, the casino slot online multiplayer mode will give the host control over the game, while seven others can vote on the choices available throughout the story. The Quarry is still launching with its local multiplayer mode, where players can take turns controlling the different main characters, and Movie Mode, which essentially turns the video game into a movie where the game plays itself.

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